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I´m an officially certified Mountain- and Skiguide and I guide tours of all degrees of difficulties according to your wishes.

Climbing, Hiking, skitouring and off piste is also a part of my range as ice climbing.

My "hometown" is the village "Rauris" in the province of Salzburg in Austria and resounding summits like Groß Glockner, Groß Venediger , Dachstein and so on are as well in the vicinity as my "home-mountain", the "Hohe Sonnblick, 3.106m" with his meteorological station which is the highest permanently manned in Europe.

As a matter of course, I guide and accompany you certainly also to the mountains all over the world. Switzerland, Italy, France or Africa for example, South America or the Himalaya.

Have you become interested?

Follow me on bergwolf.at  or ask me at telefonnumber 0043-664-4153923 where my next trip will go or tell me your wishes and we enter the mountainous world together.

Meet you in the mountains, yours sincerly

Wolfgang Rohrmoser

with quality a save and fantastic experience


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